• Universe - EE features an expansive and original Universe. Experience the time after the Bionic war has ended and humanity is again sailing to the stars.

  • Story - Meet the Abaddon Crew on their mission on the mining planet Korross, where what starts as a routine mission becomes the ultimate fight for survival. The rich storyline is full of plot twists and character revelations that will make you uncover the secrets of Amber's past, and her future.

  • Characters - Prepare to encounter interesting and diversified characters that will help you in your goals - if you're on their side.

  • Levels - The world of Korross features many varied climates and EE's levels reflect that. Get lost in the jungle canyons, climb the desert mountains and fight aliens onboard spaceships; how far you get and how much you see only depends on your will to survive.

  • Weapons - Get yourself a Minotaurus Shotgun and never be afraid in the dark again. Eden Eclipse has many incredible new weapons combined with many of the familiar ones everyone likes. You pick your arsenal, so choose wisely and carry the correct weapons if you want to see daylight again.

  • Vehicles - hop into a vehicle to explore the world of Korross at a faster pace. Or simply use the vehicles built-in weapons to blast your enemies away. And if that does not help, then you can still run them over.

  • Engine - Renegade Gods is developing Eden Eclipse as a total conversion modification for the Unreal Tournament 2004 Engine. Using the Unreal Engine we can deliver high quality lighting and dazzling special-effects at an amazing speed.

  • Physics - The Unreal Tournament 2004 comes with Karma, and it is put to a good use in Eden Eclipse: Use weapons or vehicles to burst through crates, trees and enemies. Solve riddles that utilize the physics system or simply use gravity to smash your enemies to pulp.