The following people are and have been involved in creating Eden Eclipse:

Present members (listed alphabetically):

Andreas Gartz - 2D & 3D art
Beren Baumgartner - project lead, lead art, game design
Brian Benson - programming, game design
Christian Speiser - 2D & 3D art
Flaviu Andreescu - programming
Jan-Sören Haas - sound design
Jerad Heck - lead programmer
Joakim Forslund - sound design
Josh Catone - english PR, editor
Justin Lassen - EE score composer
Klaus Herb - server administration
Martin Nerurkar - project lead, 2D & 3D art, game design
Nathan Guza - AI programming
Ryan LeCluyse - 2D & 3D art
Thomas Kuske - level design

Thanks to all past Members (listed alphabetically):

Alexander Bodemer - for 3D art
Bruno Petorelli - for the converter code and ai toughts
Chris Anderson - for 2D & 3D art
David Jones - for conceptual, 2D & 3D art
Dawid Kulesz - for the early genesis phase models
Erich Losert - for programming
Dirk Herrling - for the Eden Eclipse starter
Future Prophecies Productions - sound design
Florian Oswald - for LD work
Gilles Vermeulen - for 2D & 3D art
Guilhem Bedos - for LD work
Hamid D-Manesh - for LD work and 3D art
Jeffrey Severson - for the actor concepts, models and skins
Jim Houx - for LD work, UT2003 technical advice and modelling
Jochen P. Winker - for conceptual, 2D & 3D art
Joe Jones - for the particle code and the early genesis phase console
Jonathan Blech - for the genesis leveldesign and textures
Matthias Schäfer - for the first Erik model and some concept art
Mahdi D-Manesh - for coding, 2D and 3D art
Michael Knorr - for the Q3 ladder code
Nick Ottosson - for level design, 2D art
Rainer Schramm - for the ideas, management and advertising help
Rainer Schmidt - for the ideas and the website landscape rendering
Stefan Wagner - for level design, 3D art
Thorsten Kaufmann - for 2D & 3D art

Game Testers:

Christian Schmidt
Conny Zeeb
David Faust
Gilles Vermeulen
Hamid Derakhshanmanesh
James Poore
Nils Croes
Oliver Nürnberger
Rainer Schmidt
Sergius Schweizer

Special Thanks to:

Daniel Haußmann - for the help with the second Linux server setup
Felix Hertz - for the counseling and contacts
Klaus Herb - for a lot of code and server administration
Jan Bormann - for the help with checking the EE script
Jan-Sören Haas - for the music during our genesis phase
Justin Lassen - for the advice for strategy & development
Josh Catone - for the advice for strategy & development
Mahdi D-Manesh - for the german PR, project management, and a whole lot more
Mathias Berglund - for some texture art
Richard Radmacher - for the counseling and contacts
Samuel 'Lightning' Seay - for our first ftp server
Øvind 'talonlzr' Selbek - for the modportal mirror and last minute rescue