November 2004
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Avault Patch Mirror - Posted 23. November 2004

Brian Clair, over at Avault.com, emailed to let me know that they have mirrored the 2.01 update for EE Demo 2. Remember that you need Demo 2 in order for the 2.01 patch to work. Both are recommended for your total gaming enjoyment.


New Patch Mirror - Posted 20. November 2004

FilePlanet has been kind enough to mirror the 2.01 update for EE Demo 2. They have a number of very fast servers available for your downloading pleasure. Remember that you can still check out the official thread to find all the download mirrors for Demo 2 and the 2.01 patch.


One More For Patch - Posted 19. November 2004

Another mirror tonight, this one from Mod N Mod. Remember that you need Demo 2 installed for the patch to work.


As always you can check the official forum thread for all the latest mirrors for both the 2.01 patch and the Demo 2 full install.

Three New Patch Mirrors - Posted 19. November 2004

More mirrors for the patch from GameSpot, eXtreme-Players and Two Degrees:

Two Degrees: [[click here if you have Two Degrees installed]]

Keep track of patch mirrors on the forum.

Eden Eclipse Demo 2 Performance Patch - Posted 19. November 2004

We've released a performace patch (2.01) for Eden Eclipse. You can download the patch from BeyondUnreal or FileFront:


More mirrors will be announced for the patch as they come in. The patch requires Demo 2 is installed to work. It is HIGHLY recommended that you download this patch (24.42MB) before you play Eden Eclipse.

You can view the ChangeLog here.

Another Mirror - Posted 18. November 2004

We've got work from QAPete over at BeyondUnreal that they've mirrored Eden Eclipse Demo 2 on their ultra-fast FileWorks mirrors.


You can track all the mirrors in the forum thread. Information on a performance patch will be released soon.

Three New Mirrors - Posted 18. November 2004

Three more new mirrors. One is up at GameSpot, one at at FilePlanet and another eXtreme-Players. Info below:

http://www.fileplanet.com/files/140000/145511.shtml - (old link, new version)

Official forum thread. In other news: watch for a performance patch soon.

More mirrors - Posted 17. November 2004

Some more mirros for you tonight. One from Two Degrees and Mod N Mod. You'll need to download the free Two Degrees filesharing client to use that mirror. Enjoy!

http://www.two-degrees.com/napali.html#eden - (direct link for those with client)

As always you can check the official forum thread for all the latest mirrors.

Two New Mirrors - Posted 16. November 2004

We have two new mirrors to report. From our friends at Avault.com and FileFront:

http://avault.com/pcrl/demo_temp.asp?game=edeneclipse - (old link, new version)

The official forum thread has info on all the latest download mirrors.

EE Demo2 is out! - Posted 16. November 2004

EE Red RuneYes, you heard right, just in time for the Grand Finals of the Make Something Unreal Contest Eden Eclipse Demo 2 is out!. You can stay tuned to our official forum thread for all the latest download mirrors. For now, you can download EE from our first mirror:


Special thanks to Tal at ModPortal for getting that up. Also special thanks to Alex at BeyondUnreal for working to get their mirror up as well, which should be live soon. So pull yourself away from Half-Life 2 for just a bit and download and play the latest Eden Eclipse! More mirrors on the way.

U4P Interview is Up! - Posted 15. November 2004

Unreal4Players, which is part of the Pexus Network, just completed a brand new interview with us. They asked us some interesting questions that no one else yet has, so head on over to Unreal4Players and read the interview. Also be sure to check out the new screenshots and some exclusive concept art from our upcoming jungle level.

Remember to watch EE.com because the MSUC Grand Finals deadline is tonight, which means that by tomorrow morning (or very late tonight) there will be a brand new release of Eden Eclipse for you to play!

Vote EE for Mod of the Year - Posted 8. November 2004

moddb MOD of the Yearmoddb has started voting for their 2004 Golden Spanner Mod Awards. The voting runs from now until December 31st. You can vote for Eden Eclipse by heading on over to our moddb webpage and nominating us for Mod of the Year! You can also choose to nominate us for other categories.

So head on over to Eden Eclipse at moddb and vote for us for 2004 Mod of the Year! Thanks!

Avault Interview Published - Posted 2. November 2004

Avault.com has this morning posted our most recent interview. The interview, which was completed with David Laprad a couple of weeks ago, has finally made it to print after a few technical snafus. So head on over to Avault and read the interview and check out some new screenshots!

Also, be sure to tell us what you think in our forum.

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